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Plan and coordinate various aspects of radio, television, stage, or motion picture production, such as selecting script, coordinating writing, directing and editing, and arranging financing.

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Currently Employed: 2,210

Projected Annual Job Openings: 100

Typical Hourly Wage: $28.90 - $50.36

Typical Annual Salary: $60,100 - $104,800

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typical training

Typical education needed for entry: Bachelor's degree

Typical work experience needed for a job in this occupation: Less than 5 years

Typical on-the-job training once you have a job in this occupation: None

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typical job duties

  • Write and edit news stories from information collected by reporters and other sources.
  • Hire directors, principal cast members, and key production staff members.
  • Arrange financing for productions.
  • Coordinate the activities of writers, directors, managers, and other personnel throughout the production process.
  • Determine production size, content, and budget, establishing details such as production schedules and management policies.
  • Select plays, scripts, books, or ideas to be produced.
  • Perform management activities such as budgeting, scheduling, planning, and marketing.
  • Research production topics using the internet, video archives, and other informational sources.
  • Review film, recordings, or rehearsals to ensure conformance to production and broadcast standards.
  • Compose and edit scripts or provide screenwriters with story outlines from which scripts can be written.

tools & technology

  • Digital audio workstation DAW
  • Notebook computers
  • Personal computers
  • Tablet computers
  • Visual presenters

  • Electronic mail software
  • Graphics or photo imaging software
  • Video creation and editing software
  • Web page creation and editing software
  • Web platform development software

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