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Retail Loss Prevention Specialists
District Of Columbia

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Implement procedures and systems to prevent merchandise loss. Conduct audits and investigations of employee activity. May assist in developing policies, procedures, and systems for safeguarding assets.

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Currently Employed: 150

Projected Annual Job Openings: 10

Typical Hourly Wage: $15.16 - $24.78

Typical Annual Salary: $31,500 - $51,600

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typical training

Typical education needed for entry: High school diploma or equivalent

Typical work experience needed for a job in this occupation: None

Typical on-the-job training once you have a job in this occupation: Short-term on-the-job training

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typical job duties

  • Investigate known or suspected internal theft, external theft, or vendor fraud.
  • Implement or monitor processes to reduce property or financial losses.
  • Identify and report merchandise or stock shortages.
  • Apprehend shoplifters in accordance with guidelines.
  • Maintain documentation or reports on security-related incidents or investigations.
  • Verify proper functioning of physical security systems, such as closed-circuit televisions, alarms, sensor tag systems, or locks.
  • Identify and report safety concerns to maintain a safe shopping and working environment.
  • Conduct store audits to identify problem areas or procedural deficiencies.
  • Monitor compliance with standard operating procedures for loss prevention, physical security, or risk management.
  • Inspect buildings, equipment, or access points to determine security risks.

tools & technology

  • Alarm systems
  • Laser cutting machine
  • Security or access control systems
  • Special purpose telephones
  • Two way radios

  • Analytical or scientific software
  • Data base user interface and query software
  • Presentation software
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Word processing software

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