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Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors
District Of Columbia

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Collect and dump refuse or recyclable materials from containers into truck. May drive truck.

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Currently Employed: 820

Projected Annual Job Openings: 30

Typical Hourly Wage: $15.46 - $22.17

Typical Annual Salary: $32,200 - $46,100

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typical training

Typical education needed for entry: Less than high school

Typical work experience needed for a job in this occupation: None

Typical on-the-job training once you have a job in this occupation: Short-term on-the-job training

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typical job duties

  • Operate automated or semi-automated hoisting devices that raise refuse bins and dump contents into openings in truck bodies.
  • Inspect trucks prior to beginning routes to ensure safe operating condition.
  • Drive trucks, following established routes, through residential streets or alleys or through business or industrial areas.
  • Operate equipment that compresses collected refuse.
  • Dump refuse or recyclable materials at disposal sites.
  • Dismount garbage trucks to collect garbage and remount trucks to ride to the next collection point.
  • Refuel trucks or add other fluids, such as oil or brake fluid.
  • Fill out defective equipment reports.
  • Provide quotes for refuse collection contracts.
  • Communicate with dispatchers concerning delays, unsafe sites, accidents, equipment breakdowns, or other maintenance problems.

tools & technology

  • Cargo trucks
  • Container trailers
  • Loading equipment
  • Packaging compactors
  • Two way radios

  • Data base user interface and query software
  • Facilities management software
  • Mobile location based services software
  • Time accounting software

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