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STAR Plumber Mastery

certifying organization info

National Inspection, Testing and Certification Corporation
STAR Plumber Mastery
501 Shatto Place, Suite 201 Los Angeles
CA 90020-1713


A STAR Plumbing Mastery certification candidate is a qualified individual who can demonstrate mastery of the trade and will be skilled and experienced in the design, installation, maintaining, servicing, and repairing water systems; drainage, waste, and vent systems; storm water systems; fuel gas systems; water heating systems; and specialty systems, utilizing knowledge of national, state, and local plumbing codes to protect the health and welfare of the general public.

STAR Plumber Mastery Website


Work Experience Required? Yes

Oral or Written Exam Required? Yes

Renewal Required? Every 5 Year(s)

Renew through Continuing Educational Units(CEU)? No

Renew through Re-Examination? Yes

Renew through Continuing Professional Development(CPD)? Yes

Does applicant have choice of at least two options from above for renewal (CEU, CPD, or exam)? No