Internal Corrosion Technologist

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The Association for Materials Protection and Performance Internal Corrosion Technologist 1368 S Creek, Houston TX 77084


The Internal Corrosion Technologist certification is for those with a thorough understanding of electrochemical and corrosion principles and capable of performing the field tests required to appropriately monitor an internal corrosion control program. Candidates should have sufficient knowledge and experience to determine corrective action for intermediate-level internal corrosion problems within a pipeline system and be able to select a mitigation method suitable for use on natural gas pipeline systems (considering all applicable variables related to a particular system). They should also be able to support the development and implementation of an internal corrosion integrity management program. The Internal Corrosion for Pipelines - Basic course introduces the fundamentals of implementing, monitoring, and maintaining an internal corrosion control program as part of an overall pipeline integrity management program. It is an introductory level course focusing on internal corrosion of liquid and natural gas pipelines used for transmissions, storage, and gathering systems. Internal Corrosion Technologist Website


Oral or Written Exam Required? Yes

Renewal Required? Every 3 Year(s)

Renew through Continuing Educational Units(CEU)? No

Renew through Re-Examination? No

Renew through Continuing Professional Development(CPD)? Yes

Does applicant have choice of at least two options from above for renewal (CEU, CPD, or exam)? No

This certification is related to military occupational specialties.
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