Stationary Engineer

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International Union of Operating Engineers Stationary Engineer 1125 17th St. NW, Washington DC 20036


Students in this program are trained to become entry-level workers in the field of stationary engineering. During training students have the opportunity to obtain a variety of skills such as the use of trade-related hand and power tools, maintenance and operation of refrigeration units along with safe handling in the storage, recovery , reclaiming and recycling of refrigerants; how to identify, adjust, and replace wall thermostats; troubleshooting and repair of electrical components; boiler service and repair, pump installation and repair, and working with fire suppression systems and automated fire control units. Classroom-related education is incorporated into hands-on training in a shop or in the field in areas of reading blueprints and schematics, and working with electricity with a heavy emphasis on safety. Students are tested periodically throughout their training to ensure they have achieved the skill levels reflected on their Training Achievement Record. Stationary Engineer Website


More than two years of education or training after high school required? No

More than two years of work experience required? No

Oral or Written Exam Required? Yes

Renewal Required? Every 5 Year(s)

Renew through Continuing Educational Units(CEU)? Yes

Renew through Re-Examination? Yes

Renew through Continuing Professional Development(CPD)? No

Does applicant have choice of at least two options from above for renewal (CEU, CPD, or exam)? No

This certification is related to Job Corps training programs.
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