Licensing Agency

WI Department of Safety and Professional Services
Division of Professional Credential Processing
1400 E. Washington Ave., P.O. Box 8935
Madison , WI 53708-8935
(608) 266-2112


A physical therapist is an individual who has been graduated from a school of physical therapy and holds a license to practice physical therapy granted by the affiliated credentialing board.

Physical therapy means examining, evaluating, or testing individuals with mechanical, physiological, or developmental impairments, functional limitations related to physical movement and mobility, disabilities, or other movement related health conditions, in order to determine a diagnosis, prognosis, or plan of therapeutic intervention or to assess the ongoing effects of intervention. It also includes alleviating impairments or functional limitations by instructing patients or designing, implementing, or modifying therapeutic interventions, reducing the risk of injury, impairment, funtional limitation, or disability, including by promoting or maintaining fitness. health, or quality of life in all age populations.