Occupation information for Nuclear Technicians Washington


Assist nuclear physicists, nuclear engineers, or other scientists in laboratory, power generation, or electricity production activities. May operate, maintain, or provide quality control for nuclear testing and research equipment. May monitor radiation.

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Currently Employed: 120

Projected Annual Job Openings: 30

Typical Hourly Wage: $38.04 - $47.05

Typical Annual Salary: $79,120 - $97,870

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Typical education needed for entry: Associate's degree

Typical work experience needed for a job in this occupation: No work experience

Typical on-the-job training once you have a job in this occupation: 1 to 12 months on-the-job training

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typical job duties
  • Follow nuclear equipment operational policies and procedures that ensure environmental safety.
  • Conduct surveillance testing to determine safety of nuclear equipment.
  • Monitor nuclear reactor equipment performance to identify operational inefficiencies, hazards, or needs for maintenance or repair.
  • Test plant equipment to ensure it is operating properly.
  • Apply safety tags to equipment needing maintenance.
  • Follow policies and procedures for radiation workers to ensure personnel safety.
  • Monitor instruments, gauges, or recording devices under direction of nuclear experimenters.
  • Modify, devise, or maintain nuclear equipment used in operations.
  • Perform testing, maintenance, repair, or upgrading of accelerator systems.
  • Adjust controls of equipment to control particle beam movement, pulse rates, energy or intensity, or radiation, according to specifications.
tools & technology
  • Frequency analyzers
  • Gamma counters
  • Radiation detectors
  • Respirators
  • Ultrasonic examination equipment

  • Application server software
  • Data base user interface and query software
  • Operating system software
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Word processing software