Occupation information for First-Line Supervisors of Helpers, Laborers, and Material Movers, Hand California


Directly supervise and coordinate the activities of helpers, laborers, or material movers, hand.

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Currently Employed: 65,400

Projected Annual Job Openings: 8,740

Typical Hourly Wage: $23.34 - $37.49

Typical Annual Salary: $48,550 - $77,980

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typical training

Typical education needed for entry: High school diploma or equivalent

Typical work experience needed for a job in this occupation: Less than 5 years work experience

Typical on-the-job training once you have a job in this occupation: No on-the-job training

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typical job duties
  • Maintain a safe working environment by monitoring safety procedures and equipment.
  • Review work throughout the work process and at completion to ensure that it has been performed properly.
  • Inform designated employees or departments of items loaded or problems encountered.
  • Examine freight to determine loading sequences.
  • Collaborate with workers and managers to solve work-related problems.
  • Check specifications of materials loaded or unloaded against information contained in work orders.
  • Plan work schedules and assign duties to maintain adequate staff for effective performance of activities and response to fluctuating workloads.
  • Transmit and explain work orders to laborers.
  • Prepare and maintain work records and reports of information such as employee time and wages, daily receipts, or inspection results.
  • Inspect equipment for wear and for conformance to specifications.
tools & technology
  • Bar code reader equipment
  • Box sealing tape dispensers
  • Claw hammer
  • Desktop computers
  • Forklifts

  • Data base user interface and query software
  • Enterprise resource planning ERP software
  • Inventory management software
  • Office suite software
  • Word processing software