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What's on this page?

This page lists businesses that might employ workers in this occupation.


1Employer Name

This column shows the name and location of each business. Click on any business name to find contact information for that business.


This column shows the distance from the business to the ZIP code you entered. Note that if you entered a state in the location box, this distance column will be blank; all businesses will then be in the state you entered.


This column gives you a short overview of each business.


This column shows the industry that each business is in. You can limit your list to businesses in certain industries by clicking "Narrow Your Results" at the top of the page, and selecting only the industries you’re interested in.


This column shows the number of employees that each business usually employs.

Where does this list of businesses come from? 

This list comes from a national database of businesses supplied by Data Axle®. This list includes private businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government offices and agencies that typically hire employees. All the employers in this database are coded to the industry in which they do business. mySkills myFuture shows you the businesses in industries that typically hire workers in the occupation you selected.

How can I narrow this list?

You can narrow this list to see only businesses that are a certain size or that do business in a certain industry. Click “Narrow You Results” near the top of this page, and then select the industries or business size that you’re interested in. Then click “Show Results” to update your list.


How can I sort this list?

When you first see this list, the businesses are listed in order of the distance from your ZIP code (if you entered a state as your location, they are alphabetical by business name). You can change the order of your list at any time by clicking on the blue column headings. For instance you may want to sort them by industry or business size.


What if I want to see businesses in another town or state?

At any time, you can enter a new ZIP code or state in the "Choose a Location" box. You can also change the distance from your ZIP code that you want to find businesses. Once you make any of these changes, click “Go” to update your list.

Location Bar

What if I want to see businesses for another occupation?

You can view businesses for any occupation on your Career Matches list. Return to your Career Matches by selecting it from the menu on top of this page. Then, click on “Find Businesses” next to any occupation on that list. You can also visit the Business Finder and select any occupation or industry and location you are interested in.


What is the source of this information?

Business information is provided by Data Axle®, Omaha, NE. ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

How can I get my business listed on this list?

To request a change or addition, please contact Data Axle at or visit Data Axle.

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