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What's on this page?

This page lists any licenses that are available for the career that you selected.

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1License Name

This column lists the name of the license. To learn more getting this license, click the license name.

2Licensing Agency

This column lists the name of the licensing agency.

Information on this page is automatically sorted by license name. To sort by licensing agency, click the "Licensing Agency" column title.

How can I see information about licenses in my state?

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Enter your ZIP code or state in the Choose a Location field.

If you have entered a Zip Code, you can narrow your search further by selecting a distance from the 'Within' drop-down menu.

Then click Go to find licenses in your area.

What is a license?

A license allows you to practice an occcupation in a given state. States often license occupations such as nurses, doctors, accountants and plumbers. Obtaining a license often means passing an exam developed by the licensing agency.

How is a license different from certification?

Certifications are offered by professional organizations. Licenses are issued by a state. Both may require passing an exam.

How is a license different from a certificate program?

Certificate programs are usually offered by colleges or universities. Licenses are issued by a state. If a license is requried for an occupation, a certificate program can help prepare you to take the license exam.

How is a license different from an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships involve on-the-job training and are often combined with classroom training. If a license is required for an occupation, an apprenticeship can help you prepare for the license exam.

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Where does the data for licensed occupations come from?

The data for licensed occupations comes from the National Crosswalk Service Center Licensed Occupation database.

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