Help: Get Started

What does this tool do for me?

This tool allows you to explore career options. You can enter any occupation and find career details including:

  • An occupation description
  • Statistics on the number employed, projected employment changes, and averages wages
  • Typical education, training, or work experience
  • Typical job duties and tools or technology used on the job
  • Links to local job listings and training programs

How do I get started?

Target Occupation Home Screen Image

1Enter job title or occupation.

Get started by entering a job title or keyword into the search box.

2Get Career Details

Click "Get Career Details" to view employment, training wage, and more information for your career of interest.

3Find careers with skills similar to a previous job

You can also click here to visit mySkills myFuture. This tool identifies careers that may use similar skills to your current or previous job.


For help using mySkills myFuture email or call: 1-877-348-0502 or TTY 1-877-348-0501